Komodo Shore Excursion from Cruise Ships

KK 35-A2: Komodo Tour from Cruises for Small Group

Main Point: Trekking in  komodo island       Duration: 2.5 hours


Komodo Island is one of top ten Indonesia’s Tourist Destination. That’s why, many tourist cme to visit even by flight or cruise ship tours. There are some cruise lines or cruise ship companies serve tour to this island, such as Celebrity, Princes Cruise, Holland America Line, Azamara etc.  Why the people come to visit? Because there are Komodo dragon; pre-historic giant lizard of the world; pink beach and local villagers where you can witness direct interactive; Komodo dragon vs Human Being.  What can we do? When people come to visit, when you enter the park by cruise ships; you must be accompanied by local guide, you need local boat and helpers. It is our job! We waiting you on the pier and we are often to do this. So, we are local people and experienced!


Tendering from the ship, you will arrive at the komodo jetty which is the headquarters of the komodo national park. The world-renowned wildlife island of komodo is the desolate domain of a fierce and very rare species of reptile that bears the looks of a prehistoric dinosaur and is appropriately called a komodo dragon. Once ashore, you will be met by a local tour guide to begin the walking expedition of the island. Travelling in small groups with the guide and a park ranger, you will make their way along paths that lead through pockets of thorny vegetation and dry tropical grasslands to the viewing point, senses heightened with anticipation that the dragons will make an appearance. First stop will be banunggulung hill. Here you can see the former dragon feeding point. Proceed with the track into the sulfuria hill. From this high, the whole area of komodo national park and surrounding area. Afterward, the guide will take you to the spot where we can see the dragon. This first-hand look at komodo will also serve to acquaint guests with other notable species that inhabit the island, as well as the rich surrounding marine environment. Informative commentary will be happily provided by expert guides. the tracking will be finish at the several small art and craft shop where you can buy a souvenir to bring home.

Time Description Activities
07.00 – 07.10 Starting point short briefing 10 minutes
07.10 – 07.40 Starting Point to Sulfuria Hill 30 minutes
07.40 – 07.55 Sulfuria Hill (Viewing Point of Komodo Island and Surrounding) 15 minutes
07.55 – 08.25 Sulfuria Hill to Hutan Asam 30 minutes
08.25 – 08.40 Hutan Asam (Komodo Dragon Viewing Point) 15 minutes
08.40 – 09.05 Hutan Asam to Finish Point 25 minutes
09.05 – 09.25 Finish Point (art and craft shop) 20 minutes
09.25 – 09.30 Finish Point to Loh Liang Jetty 05 minutes
10 -19 20-29 30-39
115 85 70

Services included:     Fragrance Wet Tissue Service

                                                National Park Entrance Fee

                                                Camera and Video Camera Fee

                                                English Speaking Guide (Incl. National Park Ranger)

                                               Fresh Coconut, Mineral water and Soft drink


  1. Coconut, Soft drink and water provide in cold or normal.
  2. Wooden boat takes about 30 minutes to Kampung Komodo but Speed boat takes 5-10 minutes
  3. Wooden boat takes about 30 minutes to Pink Beach but Speed boat takes 5-10 minutes

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