Labuan bajo Daily Tour

KT 75B: Labuan Bajo Daily Tours

Labuan Bajo Daily Tour is a Full Day Tour which includes: Batu Cermin Cave, Sylvia Hill, Sunset Paradise Bar and  culinary center of Kampung Ujung. We pick you up from the airport or hotel and start exploring the exquisite hot city of Labuan bajo. First of all, we will visit Batu Cermin nature cave. There are many unique things that you will find in the cave. After that we will go to Sylvia Hill to see the natural panorama of the western tip of the island of Flores. From there we will go to the Paradise Bar to sip various drinks both alcohol and non alcohol while enjoying the sunset. Once satisfied, we will go to the culinary center of Kampung Ujung where you will enjoy sea food especially various types of fresh fishes. You may choose according to your taste. After dinner, we drive you back to the hotel.

Harga Per Orang

Transport Harga Rupiah Transport Harga Rupiah
2-3 Pax 4-6 Pax   7-9 Pax 10-14 Pax
Inova 450k 350k Hi Ace 195k 175k
Avanza/APV 400k 300k Elf 185k 160k

Harga Termasuk: Guide, Biaya Masuk, Air mineral, Asuransi Perjalanan, Retribusi Daerah.

Harag Tidak Termasuk: Makan Malam, Minuman di Paradise Bar

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