Travel Tips to Komodo & Flores

Ø  Please bring money in Rupiah for any transaction.

Ø  Make sure that you bring sun – block (do not let your sweet skin sunburn), sun glasses, towels, change of Clothes, jackets and swimming suit and wear shoes which is comfort for trekking (sports shoes recommended).

Ø  Make sure you keep quiet during you are in the Komodo National Park and follow the commandments of Komodo Ranger. Never out of the trekking path that has been made ​​by the authorities and do not make the act (including noisy) that provoke a reaction of Komodo. Take photos of the distance allowed by the Rangers (guards).

Ø  Ensure that you does not smoke and do not throw garbage / dirt while in the Komodo National Park (including on the beach and sea).

Ø  Make sure that you (especially for female travelers/women) are not being (menstruation / menstrual) and without bleeding wounds because Komodo is very sensitive to the smell of blood or Please tell to the Guide if you are.

Ø  Please bring ant seasickness if you seasick (admittedly rather small waves but just in case)

Ø  Do not forgets your camera so that the trip is well documented and memorable. For normal camera Rp. 50,000 (included) and video cameras subjected to Rp. 150,000 per camera . For this trip, we only cover a normal camera. Whereas if you have a video camera, then just pay extra Rp . 100,000.

Ø  We already prepared Snorkeling equipment (included) and will be used it in 2 days.

Ø  Flores and surrounding areas, the number of active only Telkomsel. Make sure you have it before the trip (just in case you need to contact someone else).

Ø  Ask our Guide and Komodo Ranger about Flores and Komodo National Park to enrich the wealth of our knowledge.

Ø  Ensure that you do not pay extra during the trip (except personal needs) according to the package we sent to you. If there is demand for extra pay, please contact us immediately so that we can follow it up (+6281 337 206 415/+6285 337 173 411). It is important for satisfactory customer service, integrity and continuity of our business. Tipping is allowed if you are satisfied of our service.

Have a nice trip!!